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Tire Knowledge

The salient features of radial tires

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 ● high-speed driving


  Earlier we have said , there would be no revolution in the development of automobile tires in the world automotive industry. The 1946 Michelin invented the radial tire , the tire field to bring the revolution , it is a landmark. Launch radial tires , not only for modern transportation has played a decisive influence , but also to human life brings bright colors.

  First, from the perspective of speed , vehicle speed depends on the speed of the engine , but the tire was entrusted with the sacred duty to complete this mission . American sprinter next to Lewis , the quality of its own like a car engine , and shoes on his feet as radial tires of the car, if Lewis foot wear sneakers rather than ordinary shoes , then do not serve others doping will run faster than him. Of course , this is just a joke , but it illustrates the importance of radial tires in terms of improving vehicle speed .

  We may see thrown down on a piece of rubber tires collected from on the road , this situation is because of the tire speed exceeds its critical speed , which has accumulated inside the tire which caused a lot of heat .

  So , speed and dumped glue What does it matter ? Before describing their relationship , give you about a phenomenon tire at high speeds generated - " standing ."

  In the process of moving the tire contact with the ground because the part of the tire load leaving the surrounding bending , rotation off the ground, bending the tire pressure as part of restitution, but if the tire pressure is low or too fast , too late to restore the curved portion , then the tire will have a wavy distortion performance in a semicircle near the site of the tire and the ground , commonly known as " standing ."

  The " standing wave " occurs , a sharp increase in the rolling resistance of the tire , the tire standing wave energy absorption in a short time , resulting in a sharp rise in temperature. At this point, if it continues at high speeds , which will happen to be speaking in front of the road to get rid of plastic , thereby causing the tire burst .

  As can be seen from the above analysis , "Speed - standing - warming - unglued - burst " is linked to a line. Because the outside of the radial ply tire has a strong steel hoop , so that even when the high-speed rotation , is not prone to " standing wave " phenomenon. So radial tires at high speed , and bias tires will not work. However , everything has its limits , especially tires, because it plays a comprehensive role in the design and production of tires so when it already provides critical speed ( of course this construction tires faster than bias tires much higher ) , if traveling faster than the critical speed of the tire, the same will happen the situation. So, every driver should be aware of the speed level using his car tires , and strictly in accordance with the level of driving as much as possible to avoid puncture rollover accidents .