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Tubeless Truck Tire and tractor Tire

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  After tubeless truck tire switching to use deep slot rim, its rim diameter changed. For example, 8-22.5 ( equal to 7.50-20 inner tube base tire), 10-22.5 (equal to 9.00-20 inner tube base tire) in inch. Some tubeless truck tire is directly marked “无内胎” or “TUBELESS”.
While the size of specification number just shows the code of the tire, not the real size. And the margin of two adjacent norms doesn’t exceed 10~ 15 %. 

a. Narrow Rim Tractor Tires
Although this kind of tire is gradually eliminated, it still occupied of a certain number. Any tire, whose ratio of the rim width and tire cross-section width in the range of 65%, is narrow rim tractor tires. The specification method is similar to oblique cross tire, using the form of S-d. The only one difference is using decimal point in code of section width, such as 11.45-24, 13.00-28, 9.00-36.
b. Wide Rim Tractor Tire
The wide rim tractor tire’s ratio of the rim width and tire cross-section width is in the range of 80%. The difference between wide rim tractor tires and narrow rim tractor tires is that wide rim tractor tires adopt integer to show the cross-section. Such as 10-28、11-38、12-38.
c. Ultra-wide Rim Tractor Tires
The ultra-wide rim tractor tires’ ratio of the rim width and tire cross-section width is in the range of 85%~90%. And the difference between ultra wide rim tractor tire and wide rim tractor tires is that ultra wide rim tractor tires adopt only one decimal place whose number is not “0” , such as 11.2-28(replaced 10-28),12.4-38(replaced 11-38), 13.6-24(replaced 12-24). Now the series of agriculture tire has developed to the level of ultra wide rim tractor tires.
d. Low Profile Agricultural Machinery Tires
Tractor tires and agricultural machinery tires develop towards low profile tire. “L” means low profile. The quantitative value of section width is integer, and it can have one decimal place. Such as 9.5L-15, 11L-15,14L- 16.1; Logging tire 30.5L-32. “SL” has also been used, but it is only used for agricultural tire, such as 7.50-10SL, 10.00-15SL.