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By tire use classification

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 Tire -use classification, including truck tires , bus tires and mining tires and other species.

    In addition to the tire truck tire wall marked with size, you must also indicate the number of levels . But here need to tell you is that the number of levels of truck tire layers does not mean it s real , but refers to the production of high-strength materials cords of the tire carcass , with its load performance is equivalent to the production of cotton cord carcass tire cord fabric layers. This is because cotton is first used to produce cord of the carcass cords , so that is the international practice of cotton is a reference tire cord layer layers . Different levels , the different load capacity of the tire . Even tires of the same size because of its level number is different, it is not the same load capacity , therefore , different levels of tires can not be used on the same axis , - or, in the case of high speed and the load will be dangerous. For example : the liberation of 900-20 car tire ( 16 levels ) can not and 900-20 tires ( 14 levels ) with the use of on a shaft , because they have different levels , different loads , since it is easy to mix dangerous .

  Light truck or van with a light truck tire radial tire models have in the back by a letter "C", so that radial tires for passenger cars and distinction . Eg : used tires 185SR14C Jinbei van , where "C" refers to this tire for light truck tires . The American Standard stipulates : passenger car tires , the front tire specification should be expressed in the letter "P". Such as: Cherokee used P215/75R15 tires , where "P" refers to this tire is a passenger tire . There are many drivers do not know this "P" word meaning, blind faith in it , that the United States must use car tires with "P" and, therefore, does not change a tire in the "P" word tire afraid to use, often sudden, some jokes. Some tire dealers have this mentality in the face of the driver after he gave with tire price "P" word sell high. In fact, a "P" is just an American provisions , such as our Shanghai plant back tires 185/70R14 tire tire exports to the United States to the Ford Tempo car production plants supporting the use , then , in accordance with the provisions of the United States , Shanghai Warrior factory production 185/70R14 front tires would add a "P" word , to show that this tire is a passenger car tire . So , when you change a tire , do not be intimidated the "P" word . Instead, the "C" word . You d like to pay attention , and if your car belonging light truck it must be insisted no "C" word does not change tires . As mentioned above Jinbei van using a radial tire 185SR14C , while Audi also used 185SR14 radial tires, tire specifications from the point of view, and there is no difference , but because there is a "C" on Jinbei van tires used 185SR14C Without this "C" word on the word and used Audi cars 185SR14 tires. Therefore, their pressure, load, etc., there is a big difference. Light truck once put no "C" word tire , we must measure what the tires can carry the weight of the car is expected to be contained and goods quality limited carrying capacity of the tire if the car is less than the weight of the goods and to set , you must not use , or when carrying passengers or loading , have a number in mind . Otherwise , as in the safety of his car four time bomb , do not know when the quality exceeds the limit set of tires , the speed reaches a certain level , theyll tire rollover and other accidents occur. Therefore , please pay special attention to the drivers friend , if your car needs tires with the "C" word , better not let the "C" word is gone.
  Furthermore, light truck tires and sometimes with "LT" in front of or behind the tire model to be expressed . For example : LT215/75R15 and 145R12LT ( Shandong Triangle ) , such as tires, one of the "LT" also refers to this tire for light truck tires. Here I would like to remind the drivers attention , this is the case , I often encountered at work: Some vans and small trucks off the loan double driver , driving comfort and safety to tend to the original car with the oblique radial tires replaced vacuum cross tires, bias tires and compare just from the perspective of radial tire vacuum , vacuum tire is undoubtedly much safer , but we must take into account your car is not to load things , if you want to load things , we must for that zone "C" or "LT" tires. Also, understand radial tires and bias tires interchangeability , that is , if you want to use the original car bias tires , radial tires switch from , please do not make change , otherwise it will affect the car s performance .
  The following table is interchangeable bias tires and radial tires , interchangeable Refer to this table . This table refers only to the size of the tire interchangeability not load , speed and other safety considerations , there is no problem considering grazing tires and bodywork , fenders and other parts , then, please look real , sure no problem later line replacement.