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Tire Knowledge

Tire basic knowledge

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 Some drivers do not know the marks on the tires , they do not know what it meant, or that they simply do not want to know . In fact, there are many markers as the driver is concerned is necessary to understand the tires. We usually buy a home with a TV , take a look at its manual, look precautions ; bought a sweater should look at its instructions to learn - how to wash it down , how to keep it . But for tire purchase, but do not want to understand it , this is very scary and sad thing . Many highway tire rollover accident occurred , the reason is because there is no use in accordance with the instructions on the tire caused to do .
  And other commodities are not the same, using the tire description is not a piece of paper , but directly engraved on the sidewall of the tire ; nor is it everyone know Chinese character , but mostly with letters , numbers or represented .
  The first is the U.S. tire tire normalized Association (TRA), that was in 1930 . Prior to thirty years, the market for tires, each one must be marked in diameter , section height , section width , the number of levels , barometric pressure and load , etc., is very troublesome. The tire after normalization , all problems will be solved . Japanese Tire Association (JATMA) in the United States on the basis of normalized a step forward , they guide the tire manufacturers put together a collection of all the information tire marks on top of the tire , so convenient , and good-looking , but also played a excellent publicity. Small a reform really can serve several purposes.
  Each tire manufacturers tire marks slightly different, but the basic content is the same.
  As can be seen from the above description, the tire has on each of its various conditions described is very detailed , is also very important, it is not easier than the television. Therefore, I hope by the above description, the importance of the drivers can cause the tire sidewall " Manual" , in the purchase and use of tires , detailed reading of its " manual ."
  At present , China has foreign sales of goods made in China with the Chinese must indicate the content of origin , standards, names and other requirements, foreign tire is no exception , and now Toyo tires, Yokohama tires have pioneered the use of the Chinese , so do not know foreign users can glance.
  In addition , Chinas policy on the tire must be engraved "CCIB" has embarked , after October 1998 , all achieved "CCIB" standard tire manufacturers must be engraved with the words "CCIB" on the tire , who do not have the words "CCIB" the tires are not allowed to be sold in the Chinese market.
  The implementation of this standard , the tire also proposed new requirements for the tire market management and quality improvement is very useful for the majority of drivers speaking this is good news.