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Bias Tire

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  Two group of figures connected by minus are commonly used to mark tires. The first set of number indicates section width, and the second one shows rim diameter. As this traditional marking method originated from the United States, the two groups of figures adopt English Unit, such as 9.00-20, 11.00R22.5, 13.6-38, 23.5-25, all those represented by inches, while some countries adopt metric system or metric-inch mixed tag method. For example 260-508 are all millimeter; 185R15, the front number is millimeter, while the later one is inch. Such representative method of size is applied widely. Automotive tire, agricultural machinery tire and off-the-road tire use this marking method.
Moreover, there are many other marking methods: using “X” to connect the two group figures, that is D X S, and the unit is inch, such as animal vehicle tire 32×6、28×6; ultrahigh pressure carrier tire 18×4.4、39×13、56×16. Some countries also use “×” and “-” to connect three groups of tires. The first group is outer diameter of tire, the second is the width of cross-section and the third one id rim diameter, that is D×Sf-d. For example, using metric system to show aircraft tire 545×175-254; using imperial symbol to represent is 24×7.7-10; using metric-inch mixed tag method is 360×135-6, 380×150-4.