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Tire Knowledge

The role of the tire 1

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 One of the thousands of car component parts , and each part is generally only play one kind of role . Tires, also one of the parts of the car, but it and other parts of the role played is different, it is among the cars with the role to be played the following four .

 ● bear the load

        Whether it s a car weight , or by people or loading , its weight must be spread through the body of the tire , and finally by the tire shoulder the entire burden , so the tire plays a very important role in terms of hosting .

● produce a driving force and braking force

  Because the tires are the only contact with the road on the car parts , therefore , whether it is a car starting, running , or braking , stopping to go through the tire and the road , " communication" , and wishes to accomplish through the tire or car drivers car .