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Tire Knowledge

The role of the tire 2

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  ● cushioning and shock absorption

 Unpaved roads , mostly uneven gravel road , there will be a lot of gravel pits or on the road , including even the paved roads , and often there are some obstacles affect the normal running of the car. In this case, the tires will play its superior cushioning and shock absorption function, so that the car can move forward in a more comfortable situation . This is because the tire itself is about 50% of rubber having elasticity , combined with wonderful shock-absorbing function of the air inside the tire , so in order to make the car in bad road can easily forward freely .

● change the direction of vehicle travel

Whether car or turn the steering needs to be done by the cars tires , which often have to be changed in accordance with the wishes of the driver of the car traveling direction.Because tires have these four effects , so the car can be on uneven road safety , freedom, fast , comfortable driving ; also because it has the effect of these four , so the tires in the entire automotive parts only is very important.

    In fact, we can be summed up the role and importance of tires : When a person to sit inside the car after , then this person is actually completely handed over to the car , while the car is in motion , in fact, the whole post gave four tires. Once the tire problems, whether it is a vehicle or people in the car , will be subject to great danger . So, every driver should be very concerned about their tires.