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Tire Knowledge

Effective measures to extend tire life

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  A, mastered inflatable standards, in a timely manner to the tire qi
Provisions tire inflation purpose of the standard is to ensure that the tires have a certain flexibility to withstand the required load, its deformation does not exceed the specified range, to ensure that the vehicle is in motion with good stability and comfort. Therefore, in use must strictly comply with the standards of tire inflation. Tire inflation, even if the inner tube and the valve core intact, will own leaks, tire pressure should always be checked, to ensure that the tire pressure to meet the standards.
B, correct matching and installation, periodic transposition
If conditions permit, in the same car is best to use the same tire type, pattern and recency.
Install tire should pay attention to the following points: the axis or the corresponding position of the tire should be completely consistent; using new tires, should use new tires on the front wheel; the best repaired tire mounted on the rear wheels. Due to the mounting position of the tire are different, their working conditions and the load is not the same (generally the rear wheel tire carrying a load greater than the front wheel), running for some time, the car in front and rear tires on the degree of fatigue and wear different, so the tires in a timely manner in accordance with the regulations should be transposed. Rotate the tires cross method and round robin. Cross-transposition law applies to cars, often driving in the vaulted larger pavement loop transposition law applies to cars often traveling on a bumpy road.
C, control of the tire temperature, to maintain speed traveling
Car during driving, the tires due to friction, deformation and generates heat, so that the temperature, pressure of the inside of the tire increases. Although the internal temperature of the tire is not easy to measure, but we can determine the temperature of the tire according to the Pressure elevated degree. Elevated pressure the greater the higher the temperature of tire. When the tire temperature is higher, it should be remembered: one, can not be sprayed with cold water, since the tire of the cold water causes the sudden cooling, easy to make the tire cracks; second, can not be deflated, because gasser enable pressure temporarily decreased, but can not make tire temperature down, only to take cooling measures to control the tire temperature. So, when the tire temperature should rest in the shady parking place to be tire temperature is reduced, and may continue to travel.
D, strengthen inspection to ensure that the traveling system assembly is in good technical condition
Inspection of the driving system assembly, adjustments in a timely manner, to ensure it is in good technical condition, and allows the tire to avoid unduly severe abrasion and mechanical damage.